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Descubre Zarautz y practica turismo en el País Vasco #lovezarautz

A lot more than just a nice beach...

Aritz Aranburu, surfistaAritz Aranburu Surfer
Karlos Arguiñano, cocineroKarlos Arguiñano Chef/TV celebrity
Jorge Oteiza, escultorJorge Oteiza Sculptor

Zarautz is a touristic town located in the centre of Gipuzkoan coast, and 15 kms. away from San Sebastian. Even if its history is very closely related to the sea, many influential personalities have arisen in very different areas in this town.

In the last years, the emergence of many diverse talents such as Jorege Oteiza, Sculptor; or the famous chef and TV presenter Karlos Argiñano, only confirm that Zarautz is much more than a nice beach. It is, with no doubt, one of the culturally most rich places in Gipuzkoa. Moreover, sea lovers have the warranty of being in a worldwide renown beach that has given birth to countless surfers like Artiz Aranburu.

Zarautz, uno de los mejores exponentes de la cultura del País Vasco


In Zarautz you will find the best examples of Basque Culture. Museums, art, architecture… and an infinity of Basque Traditions.

The ideal place in the Basque Country to anlaize the different phases of Basque architecture. It does not only provide the best example of civil gothic architecture, the Torre Luzea; it also conservates many religious buildings from the 16th century and many other ancient farms.

Also, the Basques are very present in Zarautz, where they regularly practice their rural sports, music and dance.

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Productos artesanales en Zarautz



Appreciation for the properly made stuff. Home made products with love and style. A place where affection is added to fine flavours…

With no doubt, one of the best places to eat in the world. Pintxos, barbecued fish and txakoli, or a break to a cider houes… Basque culinary traditions with highest quality products that transfomr the experience of eating into a fantasy.

Zarautz is considered an area where the best fish is eaten, with many restaurants that cook sole, bream or turbot in the barbecue… One of those experiences you cannot miss.

But not only the fish, the steaks will not disappoint you. You can find them in any of the local grill houses or you can travel to the cider houses in the mountains.

Another option is having some Pintxos. Minimalist author cuisine often accompained by txakoli. Small pleasures presented in an elegant aesthetic; full of flavour and colours. Whatever your choice, eating in Zarautz is always a good one.

Gure Txokoa RestauranteKarlos ArguiñanoTraditional Basque CuisineGau txori Recommended pintxos
Cocina de autor en el País Vasco Saborea las chuletas y la cocina tradicional en el País Vasco
La playa de Zarautz, una de las mejores del País Vasco


Surf, Zarautz y apartamentos Salbide, la combinación perfecta

“The queen of the beaches”

The beach of Zarautz is the largest in the Basque Country and one of the largest in the Cantabric with almost 3 kilometers; for this reason it is known as “the queen of the beaches”. A space shared by famiilies, surfers and nature lovers. It is divided in three areas: a central part shared by families and surfers, the easter part with its dunes, and the western part, more visited by families (Webcam)

The magnificent promenade that crosses the whole beach, with its restaurants and surf academies, is the perfect place for an evening walk.

Tradición vasca en Zarautz



According to the legend, it was in Zarautz where they built the first boat to cross the world, Nao Victoria, commanded by Juan Sebastián Elcano.

Zarautz is a town full of contrast, with sea and mountains, with pleasant temperatures in the summer that are soft in the winter. Its scenery is spectacular, especially if we visit the nearby National Parks such as Pagoeta or Iñurritza.

Its inhabitants were fishers up until the 15th century. There are many local tales about how they fished whales. This fishing tradition was slowly replaced by agriculture.

Nowadays, Zarautz the many cultural traditions are mixed with other activities, such as Golf. The Royal Golf Club of Zarautz, built in 1916, is a breathtaking links that runs along the beach.

Nightlife is also important in Zarautz. There are many clubs that offer a very lively atmosphere, especially in the long summer nights.

The Royal Golf Club of Zarautz In the dunesBiotipo de Iñurritza El mayor campo de dunasCompras / Shopping Tiendas especializadas
El precioso puerto de Zarautz, muy cerca de los apartamentos Salbide Real Club Golf de Zarautz